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Unique system in Romania: clean up the top without climbing

The facade is the business card of your home or company’s headquarters and, at the same time, the first impression people have when crossing the threshold. That’s why it’s important to have an impeccable look

But now it’s easier than ever, regardless of the height to which we have to carry out cleanliness. And that’s because the Worker team has the newest and most advanced window-cleaning system in the country – nLite One. 

 This allows us to clean the facades of buildings up to a height of 12 meters, in absolutely safe conditions, without additional supports and without climbers. In addition, the machine is fully autonomous, with a capacity of 1000 liters, with 4 stages of purification. After cleaning, the facade and glasses dry quickly, without leakage, remaining shimmering. 

Full facade cleaning and maintenance services include:

  • removal of atmospheric pollutants
  • removing drain trails
  • cleansing the mold
  • removal of soot
  • cleaning of cement residues and debris
  • washing showcases, washing windows
  • washing the pavilions, washing the display panels