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Sanitation cleaning


Ideal for the food sector and health

We offer sanitizing cleaning in 3 different variants, all ideal for the food and public health sector, which allows pharmacies, hospitals and locations in the food industry to function optimally, in accordance with the necessary standards.

What we cover

The best quality

Through detergents chosen from reliable suppliers, internationally certified disinfectants, biodegradable and hypo-allergenic, perfectly compatible with the food and public health sectors.

Expert Delivery

The Expert Worker team is made up of experts in the field of cleaning and hygiene, trained to be professionals according to Worker standards. This means that it strictly respects all hygiene and protection measures, both the essential, generally valid ones and the contextual ones.


This means that hygiene comes first and the team is open to respecting any additional preference requested by the client in order to deliver complete hygiene, worthy of providing the peace and safety of an effectively disinfected space.

General deep sanitation cleaning

Includes: The feeling of a fresh renovation

Presupposes: An intervention that covers the entire space, and the sanitizing cleaning is done in detail, on every single aspect.

Periodic disinfection cleaning

Includes: Freshness, peace and safety
that the space always meets hygiene standards

Presupposes: Providing the service with an agreed regularity, interventions that are usually the most personalized, since the emphasis is on the major aspects and areas of interest/preferred by the client.

Maintenance sanitation

Includes: The freshness of an always clean space
Supposes: Maintaining hygiene in spaces that are frequently circulated or that need constant attention. It allows you to have a location that is always taken care of and to enjoy the safety offered by periodic cleaning.

What happens if you are not satisfied?

Civil insurance included

You have coverage for any accident or unpleasant situations because you benefit from civil insurance for the entire duration of the collaboration ours, insurance that gives you all the security you need for all the goods and the necessary regulations to be respected.

Feedback through the Expert Worker mobile application

In addition, you benefit from completely free recovery and in the shortest time, exclusively through our mobile application Expert Worker. There you can attach pictures of the aspects of which you want to be satisfied, and we will restore it for free.

Interested to know more?

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