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Fresh Atmosphere for Productivity

  • The cleaning needs are specific to each location, so we will take them into account in your case as well
  • Being offered cleanliness in a work space says a lot about the respect given to the teams that carry out their activity in those spaces
  • And a well-done cleaning supports people to be focused on the aspects that matter.

What we cover

The best quality 

You can continue your daily activities including during the service (if applicable), because our detergents allow this. They are 100% biodegradable and hypoallergenic, with a discreet and fresh smell, suitable for any level of sensitivity. 


Flexibility for you 

The delivery of services is done according to the preferences, needs and wishes communicated to us. Our ideal is that no one in the building should be disturbed by our

General deep cleaning package

Includes: The feeling of respect towards employees Presupposes: An intervention that covers the entire space, and the cleaning is done in detail, on every appearance and detail. Ideal for spaces that want a new air of cleanliness, color and novelty.

Maintainance cleaning package

Includes: The feeling of freshness and hygiene Presupposes: Providing the service with an agreed regularity, interventions that are usually the most personalized, since the emphasis is placed on the preferred areas, marked in the application

It's all simple

You can customize the services you receive by ticking a few boxes in our mobile application. Our team has access to the application and delivers exactly what you delivered, for when you requested.


What happens if I’m not satisfied?

You have coverage for any accident or unpleasant situations because you benefit from civil insurance throughout the duration of our collaboration, insurance that gives you all the security you need for all the goods and the necessary regulations to be respected.


I need everything to be sanitized. Is it possible?

Yes. We always take into account strict hygiene rules in our cleaning. The detergents used are effective disinfectants and we make sure that we use only the clean faces of the cloth.




What happens if I don’t like the end result?

You take pictures and send them through the application. We will fix it for free and in the shortest possible time.

What happens if an object is damaged or broken?

You have the benefits of civil insurance, by which any good in your space and property is insured for the entire duration of the collaboration.

Interested to know more?

Leave us your number and we’ll call you back to offer you the information that you need about this service.

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