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Industrial cleaning


The most powerful cleaning

With us it can be possible to remove deposits of rust, oils, dust and other residues, regardless of the particularities, whether they are on the ground or at a high level. 


We bring halls, warehouses and industrial spaces to a new level of cleanliness. Our customers always feel like they have just been renovated, because they often don’t expect us to remove the thickest layers of deposits and bring the colors back to life.

How it is possible

Through a team of experts, who use the right solutions for each type of surface and type of deposition, who work efficiently and respect the safety measures for all those involved. 


Through equipment suitable for each situation and space in the part and tailor-made solutions. Detergents are 100% effective in almost any situation, because 25% of the solutions we work with are acidic substances, effective in multiple situations.

Operations must go on

We can shape our actions and intervention program, in such a way as to deliver the desired result without inconveniencing you or interfering with your daily activity and operations.

Healthy solutions

At the same time, the solutions do not inconvenience people's senses and sensitivities in any way, because our detergents are 100% biodegradable, hypo-allergenic, with a discreet and fresh smell.

Surface protection

In addition, each surface is protected, because it is treated with specific solutions, in the ideal concentration and competent to measure.

Customised packages

You can choose the price level in which our intervention falls. Not everything will be included, but we can solve a significant part of your problem.

We are prepared

Attention to your needs and requirements

Appropriate equipment

The competent team

Protection measures

Energy and efficiency

Suitable solutions


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