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Brand New Fresh Homes

We make cozy brand new homes out of houses, with premium cleaning, at international standards.



Our customers are always surprised by the depth with which we clean. We would say that we have freed many people from allergies and allergens, because health is always protected by effective and thorough cleaning. 


How do we achieve this? 

Simple. We have been on the market for 10 years and the team is formed (constantly) after premium cleaning from abroad. 


All colleagues are trained as experts in cleaning and hygiene and are interested in offering the services customized, according to everyone’s needs!

What we cover

We get down to business, so that you can enjoy: 

  • Short delivery time, which means you have the cleaning done as you would say Worker 
  • You can schedule the cleaning interval according to your schedule, so that it is convenient for you 
  • All you have to do is tell us the chosen package and the desired time interval.

It’s so simple, that all the effort and hours of endless cleaning are now transformed into a few simple swipes on the phone, from our Expert Worker mobile application! That much.

Deep cleaning package

From the inside of the radiators, to the deep cleaning of sofas, mattresses and carpets, the entire space becomes like new. Because it hides any traces of dust from hidden and hard-to-reach areas, it is the ideal package for the protection of people who want to protect their health and enjoy a space like new.

General full cleaning package

Similar to a seasonal cleaning, with this package you have access to a general cleaning according to your preferences and liking, because we take into account your areas of interest and put great emphasis on them, without omitting other essential details. A cleaning for the whole family.

Mantainance cleaning package

If you want help with your daily activities, we are here to give you the relief you need. You can set a desired price threshold, in which you can solve part of the daily and weekly tasks, to your destination and relaxation.


Are detergents safe for children’s health? 

Yes. Absolutely. All our detergents are biodegradable, hypoallergenic, safe for health children, respectively everyone. 

 I need everything to be sanitized. Is it possible? 

Yes. We always follow strict rules in our cleaning of hygiene. The detergents used are effective disinfectants and we make sure that we use only the clean faces of the cloth. 



What happens if I don’t like the end result? 

You take pictures and send them through the application. We will fix it for free and in the shortest possible time. 

What happens if an object is damaged or broken? 

You have the benefits of civil insurance, through which any good in your space and property is insured for the entire duration of the collaboration with us.

Interested to know more?

Leave us your number and we’ll call you back 

to offer you the information that you need 

about this service.

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