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Industrial cleaning

We offer professional cleaning services. We have earned our reputation as one of the most reliable and trusted industrial cleaning companies in the area with a wide range of services. We offer the best industrial cleaning service and support for facility maintenance, enabling our customers to focus on their business growth in a safe and efficient environment.

Our cleaning operators are specially trained to work under the most demanding conditions of industrial cleanliness. 

 We use the latest and most effective cleaning methods with the best results. Among them, the steam-pressure-washing technique, a method that has already proven to be extremely effective in cleaning the most difficult surfaces and removing paint, oils, lead, mold, mercury or asbestos.

What we do?

Indoor cleaning for all types of buildings, including administrative areas, factories, plants, logistic warehouses, goods warehouses, industrial halls, production and storage areas. 

We clean the chimneys, elevators, incinerators, boilers, ventilation ducts and evacuation units.

We remove any kind of deposits on windows, access staircases, small and large capacity tanks, transport rails or other mobile machinery.

We offer disinfection services for buildings, warehouses, classic containers freezers etc.

We manage .waste

We clean building facades

We mentain the areas around buildings

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