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General and total cleaning

For your health and well-being, specialists recommend that every home should be cleaned at least once every three months. Choose Worker for the most secure and lasting general and total cleaning service. 

Attentive to the smallest details, with more than 8 years experience on the local and international market, with the most modern and efficient equipment, we are the right choice for you. 

We promise you a clean house from the floor to the ceiling. This will save you time and energy, while benefiting from a more efficient and detailed cleanliness.

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    What we do?

    General cleaning

    We hoover moquettes, carpets, parquet

    We remove the spider web

    We wash the windows 

    We clean and disinfect the kitchen and sanitary groups in detail

    We clean all household appliances, lighting fixtures, air conditioners, radiators and pipes

    We clean doors, railings, dust on the furniture, only at the outside

    We clean sockets, switches and cookers

    We use protective ingredients on wood, glass, aluminum, stainless steel surfaces

    We claen flooring, we handle household waste, ventilate and odor the rooms

    Total cleaning 

    To the above mentioned services we add:

    We wipe and clean the appliances

    We clean hard-to-reach places

    We wipe the furniture interior

    We do laundry and ironing services

    We clean under and behind heavy pieces

    We wash the joints in the tiles, wipe and clean the cables

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