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We offer you impeccable services

We are here to provide top cleaning services, through experts trained according to international premium cleaning standards.



We are interested in answering all the questions you may have before placing an order. For this reason, we answer the most frequent questions in advance and invite you to contact us if there are any additional questions.

What happens if something breaks?

Each client, regardless of the type of service chosen, benefits from civil insurance for the entire duration of the service. So if in the process of delivering the service any object is damaged, broken, broken, you will automatically be compensated by the insurance you have. However, we are careful and interested in protecting the goods and respecting the property of our customers.

Are the products suitable for sensitive children?

All the solutions and detergents we work with are 100% biodegradable and hypoallergenic, ISO international certified, with a controlled, delicate and fresh smell, which means that they are compatible even with the finest sensitivities of small children. We can organize a test section before the delivery of the service, in order to convince you of their protective features.

Do you clean any type of surfaces?

Yes, we offer services that cover any type of surface. We only use solutions and detergents suitable for each specific purpose, and our team of experts knows how to use them, in such a way as to protect any surface, no matter how special or sensitive it may be.

Who is the delivery team?

For each individual service, we choose the most suitable colleagues, depending on the type of service that will be provided and their area of ​​training. Besides this aspect, trust is our basic value, which is felt in the relations between the team and the client. If, for whatever reason, you want any kind of modification regarding the intervention team, all you have to do is communicate this to us.

Can I call before ordering?

Sure. We are always at your disposal to find out your needs, because we want to offer the ideal service for you. We believe that customer satisfaction defines us, so we are interested in delivering the services desired by each individual

Can the application be used separately from the services?

Yes. You can choose to benefit from the advantages of the mobile application to ensure the cleaning of the desired public space, without having to call on our cleaning services. By specific approach, the application can be used to facilitate communication between the beneficiaries of the cleaning and the representatives of the location. It can be used both by locations that offer a sanitary environment in auxiliary proportions, and by locations that provide extensive sanitary services, such as medical clinics and hospitals. We invite you to contact us if you want your location to be recognized for cleanliness exemplary and/or immaculate hygiene that he can prove.

Are we what you are looking for?

Whether you decide to collaborate with us or you prefer to get to know us better, we invite you to download our application, place from which it will be easier to understand the difference that we bring to companies, spaces and people’s lives. It only takes one click on the button below to be directed to the place where we keep in touch with our community.

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