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We guarantee you satisfaction

as we redo any aspect for free

Free redo

Through our mobile application we can redo for free any aspect that does not offer you 100% satisfaction. We will redo any part in the shortest possible time, free of charge, because we want to have happy clients.

Expert delivery team

All our colleagues are professionals with continuous training, open to communication, active and dynamic, with direct access to your suggestions through our Expert Worker mobile application.


All the solutions used are hypo-allergenic, ISO certified, biodegradable, with a controlled effect and discret smell, suitable for any level of sensitivity, including children.

We make the difference between
Cleaning and Hygiene

It is easy to do a superficial cleaning, just as it is easy to leave the spaces unsanitized. Each cleaning service that we deliver comes with complete sanitation. Why? Because we offer satefy and protect the health of everyone who might come into contact with our works. 



We do like to offer cleaning services with complete hygiene!

That is precisely why we formed our team to be one of the experts in the field of cleaning and hygiene and to offer premium quality.

With us you benefit from:

Guaranteed satisfaction

We take into account your specific preferences from the moment they are selected from our Worker application.

Ease in communication

You can set your feedback from the application after any work. It's so simple, that all communication with us can be done just by clicking and adding pictures, without waiting time or approval.

Prompt delivery

You are the one who chooses the delivery schedule, so that it is the most convenient for you. We deliver in the shortest possible time.

Fully customised

We provide you with different service options, so that you can choose exactly what you need. We want you to have something suitable for you and we want us to be the ones who offer you the ideal options for you.

Easy access

Whatever situation arises, at any time of the day or night, we are responsive to your wishes and needs, because it only takes one click on the application from you.

Certified quality

Our services meet the international quality standards ISO 9001 and environmental management ISO 14001. In addition, all the solutions we work with are internationally certified and come from reliable suppliers.

We are here to offer you clarity

in both Business and Home space!

Industrial enterprises

We have at our disposal professional equipment for industrial cleaning, suitable for any height, layer of rust or deposits from halls, factories or storage spaces.

Office enterprises

We offer general cleaning and maintenance services in office buildings, for respected employees through clean and welcoming spaces, worthy of inspiration and productivity. Setting task preferences and their frequency is simple and easy from our application.

Cozy homes

Whether it’s a house or Home, we offer our services for peace in the family, using only biodegradable, hypo-allergenic detergents, suitable even for the highest sensitivities of children. In addition, we harmonize with the schedule and habits of each home for an ideal delivery.

Our customers know better

We could fill whole pages with the thanks of our customers, 

but we want to respect your time and share the impression 

we love the love the most:


I greet you! My colleagues and I appreciate the work done… 

sometimes we have the impression that you know the end of the world is coming, that’s how fast you work! Congratulations!


 Professionalism, involvement, speed of execution, everything is superlative! (Territorial Labor Inspectorate Satu Mare – Cristi Sasu)

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Are we what you are looking for?

Whether you decide to collaborate with us or you prefer to get to know us better, we invite you to download our application, place from which it will be easier to understand the difference that we bring to companies, spaces and people’s lives. 


It only takes one click on the button below to be directed to the place where we keep in touch with our community. It will not be necessary to order a service package. We just invite you to be with us. We are Expert Worker!

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