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The latest news about professional cleaning

Did you know that a keyboard has 7500 bacteria?

Cleanliness is an essential component for the image of any company, but also for what it is publicly perceived. It also has a major role for the health and well-being of employees and can directly influence their efficiency at work.

Here are some unknown things about the incredible effects of an unclean environment.

  • An employee loses an average of 9 working days a year due to illness, some of which can be attributed to lack of hygiene at work?
  • An ordinary keyboard can hold 7500 bacteria?
  • Viruses, such as flu, can persist on unclean surfaces, such as offices or electronic equipment for 24 hours?
  • 60% of workplace absences are due to dirty equipment in the office, such as e-coli, staphylococci and bacteria.
  • Phones and computers carry an impressive number of 25127 germs per square centimeter.

Conclusion? Take care of your cleanliness!