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You too can become an expert! 

We offer you all the training you need 

for you to be a basic value in our team!


Why to become an Expert Worker?

1. We invest in your career


We offer premium cleaning services, quality worthy of the highest international standards.

For this reason, our team must be premium, so that we can offer our clients the quality they are used to from us.

For this to happen, your professional development is extremely important to us.

Thus, we invest decisively and constantly for you to be an expert in cleaning and hygiene, worthy of offering premium quality unprecedented in Romania! 


We invite you to become an Expert!


We offer you all the training and improvement you need to be a real expert in cleaning.

Moreover, we support you to become a professional and to be seen as such by clients. Having your value and skills recognized is a job that is built, like a good reputation.

We have created our own manual by which we support our team to maintain itself at a premium level and to be recognized as such.

We have also created a simple, clear and complete training process, so that you have the feeling of competence and control when you start the practical activity.

Contact us for more information

Or send us your CV using the form bellow

Or send us your CV using the form bellow

2. We always keep our word!


Our main value is trust. For this reason:

We protect the trust!

Your confidence in your own strengths and professional competences 


Your trust in us and the Worker team 

Our trust in your sincerity 


Clients’ trust in you and the services offered Clients’ confidence in the services received


The trust of collaborators and all parties with whom you and/or the team interact.


Precisely for this reason, we take care to ensure you at least the following standard benefits: 

  • Free premium professional training
  • Respect from our clients, who trust us and appreciate our services
  • The team of trustworthy professionals

Besides these:

  • Flexible program and/or package of your choice
  • Job car and complete equipment
  • Salary with multiple added bonuses
  • Salary increase and development plan.

Contact us for more information

Or send us your CV using the form bellow

Or send us your CV using the form bellow

Apply for a position

If what we have created so far inspires you to be part of our team, then we invite you to contact us. 


We constantly have various open positions, so we are always attentive to people who want to define their professional path with us. 


Thank you for your interest!

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