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Blog Did you know that a keyboard has 7500 bacteria?

Did you know that a keyboard has 7500 bacteria?

Take care of your health!

Cleanliness is an essential component in the image of any company. It also has a major role in the health of employees, contributing to their well-being and efficiency. 


A special place is the keyboard, a part very often used in various daily tasks. Given this recurring use, microorganisms have a favorable environment for development. 


Among these microorganisms we list viruses, which are the cause of contagious flu. In order to prevent unforeseen medical leaves and unpleasant health situations, it is recommended that the keyboard be disinfected regularly. 


It is best to use a microfiber cloth that has been previously moistened with a little disinfectant. The most common disinfectant is rubbing alcohol, but other specialized detergents can also be used. 


Pay close attention to how the solution is used, so that no excess liquid gets between the buttons. It is also recommended that this preventive action be carried out while the device is closed, to protect the computer from pressing keys during erasing.

Some unknown statistics regarding the effect of a neglected environment on health: 

  • An ordinary keyboard can host 7500 bacteria 
  • Viruses, such as the flu, can survive on a surface such as electronic equipment for up to 24 hours 
  • 60% of medical leave is due to improperly maintained office equipment. These include e-coli, various staphylococci and other bacteria 
  • Phones and computers can host an impressive 25,127 germs per square centimeter.

Take care of your cleanliness!

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