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About our company

We have been offering our top cleaning and complete sanitation services since 2010, in accordance with international quality standards. We were formed in the climate of premium cleaning in Denmark, and now we are honored to carry the tradition further, in our home space, for the safety and comfort of families and businesses.

Our history


New ground


I am Candid and I actively contribute to the Worker team offering as much peace, clarity and comfort to people as possible.

We want to offer our premium cleaning services throughout Romania, as we did not hope for when we started our professional training in Denmark.


New cleaning standards

In Denmark, I learned new ways and standards of cleaning, which were unknown in Romania. One of the most important things I learned is the difference between cleanliness and hygiene.

Of course, there is the option in which it is cleaned quickly, just like the colleague who was doing the work of two people at the same time.

I was confused by her performance, but in time I found out that she offered such a superficial cleaning that, although it seemed clean, I would not have had the mental comfort to be relaxed, living after the work done.


Brand new level

We are on the side of complete hygiene!
And this aspect comes together in every work, through the disinfectant detergents we use, but especially through the hygiene techniques and measures we practice and strictly respect.

On this basis, we deliver in Romania a premium level of cleaning, worthy of professionalism at European standards.



I set to work, not only to raise the standard practiced in Romania, but to bring that plus that no one thought was possible. After hundreds of collected thanks and delighted customers, I chose to go further and streamline the entire order-delivery-feedback process through the Expert Worker mobile application, specially created to easily maintain a pleasant cleanliness for everyone.

We are more with our mobile application

Together with the high quality standard that we make possible in people’s homes and businesses, we created the mobile application that makes ordering and delivering services extremely simple, very fast and convenient.


Because we care about the comfort of those who want our services, we have provided an infrastructure that allows anyone 

to communicate to us with a few clicks everything they want to convey to us so that we can offer them exactly what they need. From here to customer satisfaction is a distance of a few marked boxes.

90% Satisfied?

And if the satisfaction of those who choose us does not reach 100%, then everything is solved with a single image uploaded to the application. In the shortest possible time and completely free of charge, we are quick to increase satisfaction to 100% in every case.

100% Satisfied?

Exactly, you read that right We only deliver premium services with complete disinfection, and if you are not 100% satisfied, we will increase your satisfaction to 100% in the shortest possible time and completely free of charge!


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Visit our app

We created the Expert Worker mobile application with the aim of making communication between customers and the delivery team more efficient and easier.

At the same time, through the application, we support companies to benefit from our infrastructure and to create, in turn, an efficient and 

We invite you to find out more through the button below.

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