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9 Reasons to Use Steam Cleaning Washing

Ever since  Worker was set up in Denmark, we have adopted the principles of a nature-conscious company. That’s why we chose to use the dry and saturated steam cleaning method that guarantees optimum surface cleaning and disinfection without affecting the environment in any way. Without the use of chemical solvents, the dry-steam cleaning method is an ecological and natural cleaning method.

Worker has state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and experience to perform the most difficult cleaning operations.

Dry-steam cleaning method removes unwanted deposits and at the same time destroys viruses and bacteria due to high temperatures. It is therefore an efficient cleaning and sanitizing method for different surfaces, according to European standards.

9 reasons you should choose dry-steam cleaning:

  1. The steam cleaner will always cleanse deeper and more efficiently than any other chemical on the market.
  2. Steam cleaning is the ideal method for disinfecting surfaces without having any chemical residue that can cause even more dirt.
  3. It is much easier, much quicker and more effective, compared to traditional methods.
  4. The steam cleaner helps us have hundreds of applications, which are usually very difficult to do (indoor and outdoor  spaces).
  5. Steam cleaning is an ecological, chemical-free, environmentally friendly technology.
  6. With the steam cleaner we can clean even in cracks, pores and other surfaces difficult to access.
  7. Steam is recommended for allergic persons.
  8. Our equipments are compact, powerful and can be used in your company with great success.
  9. Our appliances use distilled water and do not pollute phonic.